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Post by Admin on Tue Sep 06, 2016 5:38 pm

You may go for it on 4th down under the following parameters.

1. Anytime from the 1 yard line ahead or behind. If you have a big lead late, kick the damn FG.
2. 4-1 from your opponents 40 yard line and in. Again if up massive amounts late, just punt or kick a FG.

Other fourth down options

1. 6 seconds or less in first half outside of the 40. You may throw a hail mary
2. Down 28 in the third with 3 minutes or less left you may go for all 4-1's.
3. 4th quarter. down 25+ at any point. 4th quarter less than 6 minutes down 21 at any point. 4 minutes down 2 scores at any point. after 2:30 any deficit you may go for it on 4th down.


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