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No BARGAINING on DC's. Game is replicated to the exact same point in all cases unless one team decides to go on AP. The coin toss result is replicated to the result of whomever won it the first time. If a possession advantage is gained it is kept. Ex. You kick off and you stop the other team on first drive. Upon restart the team that kicked off will receive the ball back at the same field position via punt, then other D allowing them to move to same spot on field.

If this doesn't fix a squabble about DC's.... Please leave. Only fair solution 2 people cant complain about.


Game play

How to play sim offense

Do not pass exclusively to HB/FB/TE and run screens in an effort to get your QB on hot streaks.
Do not run TE out or corners on EVERY third down.
Lastly for god sakes, for 90% of the teams, use your freaking WRs.
Do not pass non stop all game. You are expected to run at minimum 20% of the time. Especially in close games or when ahead. Kneel downs, running the clock out on last drive do not count.


Pistol and Read option have been toned down. I do not see this being as big a problem as past maddens

Hot routes

You are expected to use the play you picked with minimal pre snap dicking around. A lot of this depends on if you are facing a variety of looks on defense. 1 adjustment per play should be good enough. Constant pre snap activity will not be tollerated against someone attempting to mix up their defensive looks. If your play is doomed from the start, use an audible. At this point the defense is allowed to revert to any coverage/play regardless of if they have used it frequently during the game. Fake audibles and hot routes are to be used sparingly as it slows the game down and creates the illusion of trying to exploit every front you see.


AI Screw ups.

You are not to move your QB (dip as I like to call) back and forth around the LOS to trying and fuck up defensive AI. If you are going to run, run. At the last second you can pass but don't try and create an AI mess. I don't like seeing people heading out to run only to pull back at the last second after the safety 40 yards down field abandons their WR's. This is a glitch.

Play-action and Screen passAI screw ups

You may not under any circumstances hot route your running back on a playaction play. You must carry out the fake. You may also not call constant playaction when faced in Hailmary or 3rd and super long situations. Nobody thinks you are running but it still fucks up the stupid logic in this game. Pass committing to counteract doesn't even work properly.


If you call a screen pass it goes to the player the screen is for or gets thrown out of bounds. You are not allowed to throw to anybody else. In a real sim game if you did this an illegal blocker down field would be called if you chucked a bomb to a WR on a screen. If you do this, you must fall down. And punt the next play

Ball distribution
TE's should not be leading teams in receiving each game UNLESS they are the best player on your offense (Gronks, Grahams, Kelce's etc.). If a TE is leading your team please try to have a WR be second. Teams I deem to be abusing TE's will receive a warning then season long suspension of their TE after second violation. No running back will be leading their team in catches after 4, 8, 12, and 16 games period.

If your TE leads your team in receiving you must have two Wide Receivers next in catches in before having a running back.

Realistic Exceptions

I get Jimmy Graham is gonna catch a shit ton of balls (now that I have him I will be an example and not abuse it). I also get Calvin Johnson is gong to catch a ton of balls. If we start approaching over 2,000 yards with these players and averaging 2 TD's a week for massive record breaking seasons, I will but stat caps on

4th down rules
Team in the NFL go for it on 4-5 from the 35 all time because of three reasons.
1. Missing a FG screws field position.
2. A punt may only buy you 15 yard in field position.
3. No faith in kicker.

In madden no body ever misses a kick. So throw out all three of those reasons.

You may go for it on 4th down under the following parameters.

1. Anytime from the 1 yard line ahead or behind. If you have a big lead late, kick the damn FG.
2. 4-1 from your oppoents 40 yard line and in. Again if up massive amounts late, just punt or kick a FG.

Other fourth down options

1. 6 seconds or less in first half outside of the 40. You may throw a hail mary
2. Down 28 in the third with 3 minutes or less left you may go for all 4-1's.
3. 4th quarter. down 25+ at any point. 4th quarter less than 6 minutes down 21 at any point. 4 minutes down 2 scores at any point. after 2:30 any deficit you may go for it on 4th down.

Offense In General


Not allowed under any circumstances. Any QB sneak in game that results in a first down, game is paused and you will be instructed to punt by your opponent.

Any QB sneak that results in a score- game to be paused your opponent is to message you the infraction and you allow him to score ASAP.

Only FB's at FB.

No Tackles at TE.
Work in progress more rules to come.


No nanos, mix up play calling, no man under all game.

You may NEVER move a defensive lineman manually. It is an AI glitch. Thats what shifts are for.
You can user them but not move them pre snap at all unless its a shift.
Please do not running start the backfield every single play


-No huddle is not allowed in the 1st or 3rd Quarter EVER.
No huddle is allowed after the 2 minute warning in the first half.
No huddle is allowed in the 2nd half by trailing team after 2 minute warning.
You may no huddle down 28+ in the second half at any time
You may no huddle down 17 at any point in the 4th
YOu may no huddle down 10+ in the second half with under 5 minutes.
You may no huddle down 1 score under 2:30.

Chew Clock

We don't play 15 minute quarters. Do not use chew clock or manually milk the clock except for the following

2:40 or less in the 4th quarter
Under 45 seconds 2nd quarter.

Losing and want to get the game over with. If you start chewing the clock when behind multiple scores THIS MEANS YOU HAVE CONCEDED! You may not comeback and win.


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